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Butterfly Machine à Coudre JH8390S

Butterfly JH8390S Household Multifunctional Electric Sewing Machine
• 20 Stitch Patterns.
• 70 Watts
• Suitable for sewing Wig caps, Bags, Melt-blown fabric nose masks, Clothes, etc.
• Stitch Formation: Lock Stitch
• Stitch Patterns: 20
• Stitch Length : Adjustable (0 – 4mm)
• Max. Sewing Speed: 750rpm
• Max. Sewing Thickness: 5mm
• Feed Mechanism: Manual
• Power : 70 watts
• Mechanical Configuration: Flat-Bed
• Brand Name: BUTTERFLY
• Type: Household Sewing Machine
• Model Number: JH8390S
• Weight: 5.5Kg
• Overall Dimensions: 355*160*265mm
• Condition: New
• LED Lighting device. The machine had its own lighting device to make operations clearer. Automatic lighting of the LED lamp after machine power is turned on.
• Reverse Seam Function. Bead and sail stitching, sewing more firmly.
• Supports Double Needle Sewing. Two-line parallel trace. (Double Needle Sewing accessory to be purchased separately).
• 20 Stitch Patterns and Typeface. The machine is equiped with 20 kinds of common sewing stitches to meet the needs of daily sewing. Species demand, partial stitching for special sewing and edge sewing. Stitcher embroidery effect also has an impact.
• 4 Steps Buttonholing. Four Step Keyhole. According to the button size, sew the four sides of the keyhole in four steps.
• Speed Control Pedal. Easy to use, suitable for all ages, sewing machine speed. As the foot pressure changes. The heavier the faster.
• Automatic Thread Rewind (Bobbin Winding).
• Thread cutter.
• Thread tension.
• Thread indication diagram.
• Free Arm.
• Shuttle Hook.
• Integral Aluminum Framework.


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Product details

Material ABS+metal
Warranty 12 Months Warranty by Sewing World Ltd
Max stitching speed 750±50 rpm
Max sewing thick 6~8 layers of denim fabric
Stitch patterns 20
Buttonholing steps 4
Stitch length 0-4mm
Stitch width NO
Needle 11# 14# 16#
Double needle/reversed sewing support
Product Keywords sewing machine butterfly, professional sewing machine, price of a sewing machine


1. 20 stitches; 2. 4 step buttonhole;
3. Shuttle hook; 4. Adjustable upper thread tension;
5. Adjustable stitch length 6. Adjustable footpressure;
7.Double needle function; 8. Automatic bobbin winder;
9.Easy thread cutter; 10. Reversed sewing;
11. Snap-on presser foot; 12. Monogram & embroidery;
13. Electronic foot controller; 14. Removable accessories box;
15. LED sewing lamp; 16. Portable handle;


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