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Chicco Aspirateur Nasal PhysioClean

Mouche Bébé Soft & Easy Physioclean

Élimine facilement et en douceur les excès de secrétions nasales.
Forme ergonomique.
Adapté au nez sensible des bébés : embout souple avec fente anti-occlusion.
Embout souples souples jetables, avec filtres


In stock

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Nasal cleansing is especially important in young children.

A closed nose hinders breastfeeding and prevents the small can sleep in peace, it is advisable to keep your nose clean and free. The nasal aspirator PhysioClean Chicco allows the removal of excess nasal secretions, which helps the baby to breathe well, in a practical and sensible way. The ergonomic design facilitates the mother during use and the soft tip is indicated for sensitive and delicate nose smaller. The filters are disposable for high hygiene.


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