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Chicco Coussinets D’Allaitement 30pcs

Les coussinets d’allaitement ont été conçus pour absorber les éventuelles fuites de lait qui peuvent survenir entre deux tétées. Exclusifs, leur légèreté, leur discrétion et leur fort pouvoir d’absorption, en font un produit unique et innovant. Les élastiques latéraux permettent d’épouser parfaitement la physiologie du sein. L’adhésif sur la face externe permet de fixer le coussinet au soutien gorge.

Lot de 30 coussinets d’allaitement

– Absorption des fuites de lait

– Élastiques latéraux pour afin d’épouser le sein

– Formule antibactérienne pour prévenir toutes proliférations de bactéries

– Livré à l’unité


In stock

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The Chicco Antibacterial Breast Pads Ultra “Natural Feeling” are made of extra- absorbent special material, ultra-breathable and have an anti-bacterial fabric.

The patented antibacterial nursing pad from Chicco is the only one of its kind on the entire market.

With the unique antibacterial Chicco nursing pads Ultra you can feel safe. They are breathable, very thin, very absorbent and very gentle on the skin. The antibacterial fabric “takes” the bacteria from the surface and “cleans” so the delicate skin around the nipples. This reliably prevents sores and irritation. Existing wounds or irritation can thus heal faster.

The outer layer of breathable polyethylene guarantees sufficient ventilation of the nipples and the skin. This prevents inflammation. The inner layer, a special microbeads filling is particularly absorbent. It can absorb large amounts of breast milk and converts it into gel, which makes the use extra safe as a back permeation is prevented to the surface and back to the skin. Irritation can be avoided by rapid drying.

The Chicco Antibacterial Breast Pads Ultra “Natural Feeling” are individually packed in a hygienic and also on the go practical case. They are almost invisible under clothing, because they are super thin and have an adhesive fixation for better grip in the bra.

They are produced under the strictest quality controls in Italy.


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