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Chicco Portable Tire Lait Electrique

Le tire-lait électrique portable Chicco est une solution parfaite pour les mères du nouvel âge qui leur permet d’extraire et de stocker leur lait efficacement et avec la plus grande facilité pour leur bébé pendant les moments où ils ne sont pas là.


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Chicco Portable Electric Breast Pump is a perfect solution for new age mothers that lets them extract and store their milk effectively and with utmost ease for their baby for times when they are not around.


Light and compact: It fits in one hand and can be easily put in hand bag

Ideal when traveling or returning to work: With included USB charger

Effective and easy: 5 levels and 2 modes. Blue led for let down and white led for expression

Quiet: Pump anywhere without any embarrassment


Easy, convenient and effective for the road. 5 levels USB rechargeable Phase 2 has a normal sedative effect to stimulate milk flow and allow effective extraction Adapt the soft silicone covers to the shape of your breasts. The NaturalFeeling bottle can be used to give milk to your baby or it can be used for storage purposes Compatible with NaturalFeeling bottles.

Designed using two phase technology i.e. Stimulation and Expression – An initial stimulation phase with short and frequent suctions, followed by a second expression phase with longer and less frequent suctions to mimic the baby’s natural sucking pattern.

Gentle and Comfortable: The ergonomically designed breast cup with soft silicone cover adheres gently and ensures soft contact on the breast skin for a comfortable extraction

Easy, Handy and Effective: It has 5 different levels of intensity, both in stimulation and expression mode, such that you can select the level that suits you best, offering a personalized experience

Silent Light and Compact: With a quiet motor for discreet experience. It’s very light, fits easily in a normal bag and can be taken everywhere.

Product Dimensions: L X W X H = 15.5 cm X 10 cm X 24 cm

Input voltage: 5V or 2A

3.7V 1100mAh lithium battery (In-Built and Non-replacable)

Appliance service life: 500 hours

Minimum operating time with battery: 90 minutes

Type of appliance: intermittent operation; 30 minutes ON – 30 minutes OFF

Made in China

Operating conditions: Operating temperature: +5°C to +40°C


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