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Chicco Swing Polly Up Leaf

Cette Chicco Polly Swing Up est la première balançoire de votre enfant, qui s’utilise aussi bien à la maison qu’en déplacement ! Dès le premier jour, votre enfant pourra jouer, se détendre et se bercer !

Vous pouvez définir l’humeur de votre bébé avec une vitesse télécommandée et une musique swing. La vibration dans le siège de la balançoire endormira doucement votre bébé. Il offre un confort et une détente complets à votre bébé.

Comme elle n’est pas encombrante, la balançoire peut être déplacée facilement et garder bébé à proximité et le rassurer à tout moment. Le bébé dormira heureux et confortablement dans une atmosphère familière et confortable, lui permettant de profiter d’interactions sociales amusantes tout en gardant son bébé avec lui. En utilisant la vitesse de basculement et la musique, vous pouvez créer l’ambiance comme vous et votre bébé.


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This Chicco Polly Swing Up is your child’s first swing, which is used both at home and on the go! From the first day, your child will be able to play, relax, and rock!

You can set your baby’s mood with a remote-controlled speed and swing music. The vibration in the seat of the swing will gently lull your baby to sleep. It provides all-around comfort and relaxation to your baby.

Key features of the product:

●    Motion, sounds, and tunes for your baby to relax, active even at a distance! Swing up is equipped with a remote control to activate, even from a distance, the swing motion, gentle music, tunes, and nature-inspired sounds. The hanging toys develop the musical sensitivity and manual coordination of the child.
●    5-point restraint system: Chicco Polly Swing Up is equipped with a modular and removable reducer to follow the baby’s growth in every phase. The padded reducer always keeps the baby in the correct position.
●    Comfort from the first days!: In addition to the 4-speed rocking movement, Polly Swing Up has a vibration device on the seat to gently lull the baby to sleep. With a central ON/OFF button for operation.
●    For new-borns and young children: Adjustable sun hood protects the child when the swing is used outdoors. Chicco Polly Swing Up is equipped with three hanging toys. It also has a removable tray with an integrated rigid crotch strap for more excellent safety and practicality!
●    Perfect for every situation! A removable ergonomically sized booster cushion is available in the product, which helps keep them in excellent condition. There is a Vibration device with a four-speed rocking motion. On the seat of the Polly swing is a vibration machine with a central on/off button.
●    Foldable and compact: When closed, the swing structure is compact and self-stands and can be easily transported or stored.

Description of the product:

The baby’s bedtime and the atmosphere in which he lives are critical, particularly in the first few months of life, when he spends most of his time sleeping.
Her room in her mother’s tummy was tiny and cramped, yet it was also enveloping and reassuring, which is why the Chicco swing is the perfect place to put the baby to bed; thanks to its small size, it embraces and envelops it fully. As a result, the child will play, relax, rock, and sleep very comfortably from the first few days itself.

Since it is not bulky, the swing can be moved easily and keep baby close by and reassure the baby at all times. The baby will sleep happily and comfortably in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere, enabling them to enjoy fun social interactions while still keeping their baby with them. Using the rocking speed and the music, you can set the mood just like you and your baby.

Customer’s benefits:

●    The Polly swing-up chair gently rocks your baby and adapts to different stages of development while still entertaining him with soft music and natural sounds.
●    The reducer cushion is made of breathable fabric and acts as a cosy nest for the infant. The pillow is adjustable to different heights and has a comfortable design, shape and extra padding to ensure correct posture.
●    The Chicco Polly baby swing has a Remote Control – A remote control is included to run the swing, adjust the swing pace, and select music.
●    The swing also has a Canopy – Use a canopy to shield your baby from the sun when used in garden or balcony.
●    It comes with a Tray: A detachable tray with a safety driver. The tray allows the parents to do multiple tasks as holders and store things like diapers, creams, etc.
●    There are three detachable hanging toys present on the toy panel of the baby swing.
●    The Weight Capacity: From birth to 9 kg, this product can be used and is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.
●    When the swing is closed, the ultra-compact construction makes it easy to get in and out. Its ultra-compact size makes it very convenient for the parents to hold and take out.
●    Batteries (5 C) are needed for this swing to play music.

The toys feature colourful and fun characters that entertain the baby with various activities that help him improve hand-eye coordination and his vision and physical skills.
The Polly Swing Up is a baby swing suitable for use indoors and outdoors due to its arrangement. It helps the infant play and relaxes in a higher position. A detachable tray with an incorporated safety rigid leg rest, three detachable hanging toys, and a vibration system that gently softens the child are also standard features.

●    Colour: silver
●    Weight: 8kg
●    Dimensions:73*90*108cm

Care & Maintenance:
This product requires periodic maintenance. The cleaning and maintenance operations must only be carried out by an adult.
Handwash fabric cover, booster cushion and fabric toys in cold water with water and mild detergent.
Clean the frame structure with a damp cloth and neutral detergent. Do not soak the frame in water.
Periodically inspect the swing to check for broken, torn or missing parts: if this is the case, do not use it.
Please refer to the care label for instructions on how to wash the fabric parts.
Please refer to the instruction manuals for complete care and maintenance instructions.


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