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Chicco Tampons Maternité Post-Accouchement 30pcs

Chicco Serviettes Hygiéniques Post-Partum

Vendu en Logement de 30 pcs

  • Voile Ultra doux
  • Matelas épais et moelleux pour absorber des flux abondants ou normaux
  • Pas de feuillet plastique
  • Peau qui respire, cicatrisation facilitée


In stock

Chicco Post-Natal Sanitary Towels

(30 Pieces)


  • The layer in contact with the skin is made from special non-woven fabric which is comfortable, hypo-allergenic and keeps the skin dry.
  • The middle layer has a pure cellulose filter film which disperses the liquids over the entire surface of the towel to prevent them from clotting.
  • Inner layer with super absorbent cellulose fluff.
  • They can be used with the post natal disposable briefs.

These Sanitary towels are specifically designed for the post-natal period with special three-layer lining. The special 3 layers make them even more absorbent and comfortable. The upper surface, made of special non woven fabric, is comfortable and hypoallergenic, and always leaves the skin dry. The middle layer has a filtering layer of pure celulose, which disttibutes the liquid evenly on the absorbent surface, avoiding the concentration of liquid. The inner layer holds the liquid inside trough the higly absorbent cellulose wad, ensuring maximum comfort.


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