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Chicco Trotteur Walky Talky

Le Trotteur Walky Talky de Chicco offre encore plus de plaisir aux enfants dès 6 mois grâce à l’arceau de jeu 3D et à la console de jeu électronique aux nombreuses figurines et nombreux effets sonores et lumineux.

– Arceau de jeu facilement repliable en hauteur pour plus de distraction à jouer avec les animaux de la jungle.

– Trotteur réglable sur 3 hauteurs et pliable de manière compacte.

– Porte-boisson pour biberon ou gobelet aussi inclus.

– 6 taquets de sécurité pour freiner le trotteur quand l’enfant s’approche des escaliers.


In stock

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Your baby will love the colourful Chicco Walky Talky Walker. You can remove the brand new toy panel with lights, sounds and activities and use it seperately! All in perfect “jungle style”! As a result of the design, you can help enhance babies tactile, hearing and visual skills with the toy bar. In addition, it can be used in 2 positions.

Comfort will be at all time highs as a result of the well padded seat.  You can adjust the height to suit the build of different children ensuring that their feet touch the floor correctly (as recommended by paediatricians).

To make it easier for baby to guide themselves around, The Chicco Walky Talky Walker also has front swivel wheels. On top of that, the safety brakes called “stoppers” will stop when reaching a step for safety.

Chicco Walky Talky Walker Features:

  • Suitable from approx. 6 months (or when baby can sit up unaided) to 12kg
  • Height adjustable
  • Swivel wheels
  • New 3D toybar concept, utilisable in upwards or downwards position
  • Padded seat unit offers maximum support to baby
  • Includes 6 safety breaks called “stoppers”, which stop the structure when it reaches a step
  • Electronic play panel featuring lights and music
  • Multi-activity play panel to develop hearing and hand coordination skills (motor and audio)
  • When folded, the walker takes up very little space
  • Non-slip stopper brakes which comply with current European safety standards


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