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Grow’n Up Country Manor Playhouse

Notre maison de jeu encouragera votre tout-petit à développer son imagination avec brio.

Cette maison de jeu offre un excellent endroit où les enfants peuvent profiter d’un sentiment de maison unique avec une plaque de porte personnalisée. Une porte pleine grandeur avec une fente pour courrier amusante et 2 volets de fenêtre fonctionnels permettent aux tout-petits de jeter un coup d’œil dans le jardin et inspireront des jeux de rôle amusants avec des caractéristiques réalistes. La conception d’un panier de fleurs aide les enfants à développer leur sens de la nature et à développer leurs compétences en jardinage. Un toit a une fenêtre de ciel de travail spéciale pour laisser entrer le soleil. La table se replie et se relève pour un rangement pratique. Le plafond a un crochet intégré pour la lumière du camp. Livré avec un grand trombone pour peindre ou accrocher des photos et 2 sièges robustes intégrés

Jouer dans une maison imaginaire offrira une créativité sans fin et des modèles de jeu amusants à vos tout-petits.


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Grow n Up – Country Manor Playhouse

Your kids will enjoy playing in this adorable playhouse, cute realistic country design with a lot of fun activities around and inside of the playhouse.

The Country Manor Playhouse is equipped with a folding patio table, a high country-style front door with a pass-through mail slot for receiving letters, one side of the wall with a window that can be opened and closed, another windows are open style and can be attached to a multi-purpose pot, the pot can be used as a flowers pot (flowers not included) or it can also be used as a storage for stationery or small toys. The roof of the house is equipped with a sunroof that can be opened and closed, and inside of the roof is equipped with a hook to hang the lights, the LED light is included to add more fun of realistic play. In the interior of the house there are two stools are attached to the wall and paperclip to complete the excitement of your little one creativity and playtime.

Made of sturdy and high quality safe plastic material for a long use. Suitable used for indoors or outdoors.


  • High country door (easy access)
  • 1 – working window can open and closed
  • Other windows are open style
  • Backyard door style
  • Sunroof that can be opened and closed
  • Realistic LED lamp
  • 2 – stools are attached inside the playhouse
  • Foldable patio table (dinnerware not included)
  • Paperclip attached in the wall
  • Door with mail slot (toy letter not included)
  • Detachable multipurpose pot (flowers not included)
  • Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP)
  • Easy to assemble

Dimensions of the product: 106 x 123 x 126 cm

Kids Ages: 1.5 years and up

Our playhouse will foster your little one to build imagination brilliantly.

This playhouse provides a great hang out where children can enjoy a unique home sense with a personalised doorplate. A full- size door with a fun pass-through mail slot and 2 working window shutters let toddlers peek out into the garden and will inspire role play fun with realistic features. The design of a flower basket helps kids to grow a sense of nature and develop the skill of gardening. A roof top has a special working sky window to let the sun shine in. Table folds down and up for convenient storeage. The ceiling has a built in hook for camp light. Comes with a large paper clip for painting or hanging up pictures, and 2 built in sturdy seats

Playing in a make-believe house will provide endless creativity and fun play patterns for your little ones.


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